Do it yourself - invitations and thank you cards

  • case envelope 15x15 cm
  • case envelope with embossing pattern
  • postal envelopes
  • envelope with embossing pattern
  • decorative butterflies
  • organza bags
  • glass bottles for wedding nvitations
  • konfet kutijice sa prozirnim poklopcem
  • case envelope for a wedding invitation
  • podloga za pozivnice ili brojeve stolova
  • podloga za zahvalnicu
  • omotica sa prorezom
Be creative! Create your own invitations or thank you cards.

If you want to add some of your own creativity and make your own wedding invitations,thank-you cards or confetti, this task has never been easier!
We all know that the invitations are the introduction to your wedding and above all must be neat, legible, but also beautiful.
Cutting the shape of the invitation with scissors or a scalpel will not give perfect results. Adding embossing patterns is something that you can hardly do manually. For this reason, we made a creative corner for people who themselves can create invitations that you have seen only in photographs. Whether you need imaginative envelopes for invitations, case envelopes, ribbons or some decorations and do not know where to find them we offer a multitude of materials and services.

Depending on your individuall needs you can find:
- Case envelopes of different colors matte and pearlescent cardstock, in several sizes and shapes,
- Envelopes that open like a flower,
- Folding invitations and cards of various shapes and colors cut in the dimension that suits you.
- We also offer boxes for confetti, invitations or cakes in various sizes and colors.
- With them we offer satin ribbons of various widths and colors that will easily harmonize with the colors of your wedding, or decorations such as butterflies, flower, etc.

If you want to personalize your invitations or thank-you cards we have a large selection of embossing patterns (more than 50).

If you are not able to print them yourself, we offer printing service and you just have to decorate them as you desire ... Be creative and let your imagination run wild!
For any questions or wishes we are available by e-mail: orphone 01/3630 682

Production materials can be viewed here: CREATIVE
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